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Is Netfire Broadband service secure?

Netfire Secured Wireless Broadband is a secured service as compared to other self installed Wi-Fi services for the following:

It complies with Department of Telecom (DOT) directives on home wireless security (no. 820-1/2008 DS Pt II dated 23-02-2009) and is enabled with highest level WPA2 Enterprise security with AEC encryption technology (128 bit key versus 40 bit key used in earlier standards) for data transmission and 802.1x authentication. This ensures a secure connection besides being the ONLY DoT compliant Wi-Fi solution offered by any broadband ISP in the country

Password is to be set by you through Netfire Login page or Self Care Portal

Access is given to devices whose MAC IDs are registered by you.

What are the best practices to be adopted by a user while accessing Netfire Broadband service?

User to ensure that the laptop wireless button is switched ON, incase connecting through @ll Home

Secured Wi-Fi Solution

Remove proxy settings

Change password regularly

Do not share your login password with anyone including authorised Netfire representative

Logout when you are not expected to use the service for an extended duration

If you suspect misuse on your User ID please change your password immediately, and inform Netfire Care.

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